What I Learned from Therapy

To the outside world, it may seem paradoxical to have a therapist seek therapy, but the truth is even the best therapists have a therapist. I highly recommend it! It definitely made me a better therapist, and helped me gather myself. When I wrote Unmasked: The Journey and Its Lessons, it was a release for […]

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How We Did It: God and Therapy

Why I chose to do it? Honestly, I felt like it was time. We had a 15 year (really longer…sigh, I know) beef with each other. To be honest, I don’t remember all the details, and it really wouldn’t matter much now anyway. This weekend, I posted a picture of my daughter and her dad, […]

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Stand up, so I can sit down.

A few hours ago, I was at the dealership getting my car serviced. I surveyed the waiting area to find a seat furthest away from everybody;  The “active” kid pouting for his mom’s Ipad (I kept wanting get in teacher mode),  the man yelling in his cell phone (I kept wanting to tell him to […]

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Welcome Back!

It’s 2018! Yea, I know you don’t need me to remind you of that, but sometimes we are still writing 2017 on 2018 dreams. Old habits are hard to break. Keep at it, though.  You got it. One thing we won’t do is beg, convince or manipulate people to love,  like, understand, or do business […]

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Coping When Carrying the Crisis

In an interview about my 1st book, Unmasked:The Journeys and Its Lessons, the host asked the final question, “How do you cope with loss? I replied, “You keep living. I lost my whole family 12 years ago. Just as someone who loses a limb, you wake up everyday, and push past the hurt. You use […]

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